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🥇 Why Homeowners Don’t Think About Bad Gutters Being A Hazard | A-1 Roofing Now

Why Homeowners Don’t Think About Bad Gutters Being A Hazard

Homeowners don’t think about bad gutters being a hazard to their home. They get clogged up with twigs and debris that can start a fire burning your house to the ground. The homeowner loses everything including precious memories that can not be replaced.

Gutters need protection to keep this from happening among causing damage to your house such as cracked walls and a cracked foundation, mildew and mold and a sagging damp ceiling. The reason homeowners don’t think about bad gutters being a hazard is because gutters are invisible unless you climb a ladder to the roof where you can see them.

The overhang hides them and unless you have knowledge in home improvements or construction you would not think about the importance of your gutters. Some people have them cleaned once a year but it doesn’t solve the problem unless they’re protected with gutter guards.

When the autumn leaves fall, it fills your gutters very quickly causing them to clog so when it rains and the snow and ice melts, the water has nowhere to go except back up on the roof and down the side of the house seeping into the walls, ceiling and foundation or basement causing damage that costs thousands of dollars in repairs.

The more homeowners realize that their gutters are one of the most important parts of the exterior structure, the safer they’ll be. Bad gutters are hazardous because they can cause a fire from the debris buildup destroying your home, taking your life and causing other illnesses from mildew and mold from leaks.

Your gutters need to be checked periodically to make sure they’re not pulled away from the fascia board, cracked or sagging. If they are, you need a new guttering system. All gutters new and old need gutter guard protection to filter out the debris and to keep the snow, ice and rain from collecting in the gutter with an exit path.

Maybe you’ve been to grandma’s house and you notice cracks in the walls, a musty basement or the whole house smells musty and the ceiling is usually stained from water leakage. You see black spots on the ceiling and in the attic which is mold.

Mold can be a hazard to your health if not treated. Some mold is not harmful but if it’s very bad it can make you deathly sick. You’ve heard the saying the house is just settling, but that is just a myth.

The problem is the gutters are clogged or cracked and the water is seeping inside the house causing these problems. Only gutter guards can protect them from clogging so this won’t happen to your house.

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