What is Green Rooftop and Its latest Benefits of 2022

What is Green Rooftop?

Green Rooftop: The Layer of Vegetation planted over a root barrier, drainage, irrigation and waterproofing systems that is installed on top of a Flat Building rooftop is known as Green Rooftop. Green Rooftop is also known as ” Living Rooftop ” or ” Vegetative Rooftop ” or ” Eco-Rooftop “.

There is Mainly three Categories of Green Rooftop: Extensive Rooftop, Intensive Rooftop and Semi-Intensive Rooftop.

1) Extensive Green Rooftop

Extensive green rooftop has a shallow growing medium (usually less than six inches) with light roof load, limited plant diversity, minimal watering requirements, and is often not accessible. It usually support 50–120 kg/m2 (10–25 pounds per square foot) of vegetation.

Advantages of Extensive Green Roof

  • Best for large area and also Lightweight.
  • Low Maintenance
  • Relatively little Technical Expertise needed and also Inexpensive.
  • No need of Irrigation and Drainage System.
  • Suitable for rooftop with 0-30 degree Slop.

Disadvantages of Extensive Green Roof

  • Usually no access for recreation and other uses.
  • Limited Choice of Plants.
  • In winter, Less Attractive for some.

2) Intensive Green Rooftop

Intensive Green Roofs has deeper growing medium which Support a more diverse plant selection, including small trees and also have more soil than Extensive Green Roofs. It Usually Support support 390–730 kg/m2 (80–150 pounds per square foot) of vegetation.

Advantages of Intensive Green Roofs

  • Best for recreation, Growing Food and as open space.
  • Good Insulation Properties.
  • Can Simulate a wildlife garden on the top of building.
  • Very Attractive
  • Often Visually Accessible.

Disadvantages of Intensive Green Roofs

  • Heavy in Weight on Roof.
  • Need for Irrigation and Drainage System.
  • Greater need of Water, Energy, Water, Material and many more.
  • Relatively high technical expertise needed.
  • More Expensive than Extensive Green Roof.

3) Semi-Intensive Green Roofs

Semi-Intensive Green Roofs include features of both type Extensive and Intensive Green Roofs.

Mainly, Depth of any Green Roofs depends on the Roof Structure, Rainfall, Storm water Performance and Plant chosen.

Green Rooftops Benefits or Benefits of a Green Roof

A Green roofs gives a water cushion, refines the air, lessens the surrounding temperature, directs the indoor temperature, saves energy and supports biodiversity around there. It is climate-proof construction.

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Green Rooftops Benefits

People who loves environment are happier in a green environment than in grey surroundings.

Below are the Green Rooftops Benefits:

1. Reduces ambient noise outside and inside

A Green Roof acts as Sound wall to building. Which Absorb Sound and Quiet Environment form Inside and Outside the building.

2. Erosion protection

On rooftops presented to a lot of wind pre-developed vegetation covers guarantee that the substrate won’t be blown away in a tempest. These give a strong and disintegration safe top layer to the green roofs. – Green Rooftops Benefits

3. Low maintenance 

The mats are cautiously pre-developed and on conveyance brag 90% inclusion. This implies that weeds scarcely get an opportunity to set up themselves and the maintenance required is negligible. 

4. Provides a Rainwater Buffer

” A green roof absorbs rain water by the water buffering in the plants, substrate and drainage layer. This delays the discharge of rainwater which purifies the rainwater, and water also evaporates through the plants. This all helps to stabilize the groundwater level, reduces the peak load on the sewage system and reduces the risk of flooding. ” – Green Rooftops Benefits

5. Reduces the ambient temperature

As Plant on rood absorb Sunlight, Where 50% of Sunlight Heat Absorb and Reflect 30% of Sunlight. Which Usually Reduce the heat of the building and make cooler temperature inside building. Which Indirectly help to reduce the Use of AC and also do energy savings. Overall good for Environment and Approx. 4 degree Celsius reduction in the city.

6. Purifies the air

The Plants in Green Rooftops filter the air by Converting Carbon Dioxide (CO2) to Oxygen. With the help of Green Roof you can contribute good Air to environment.

7. More social interaction

Green Environment brings people together If they are Working and living same building. A green environment gives a higher perceived and user experience.

8. Offer Healing Environment

Greenery Environment help patients easy recovery which indirectly less hospital stay to People Because Tolerance of pain is more in Green Environment, This is known as Healing Environment.

9. Extends life span of roof

A Green Rooftop protect your building from Sunlight, Rainfall, Wind and Temperature Fluctuations which indirectly doubles or triples the life span of your roof to up to 60 years or even longer. – Green Rooftops Benefits

10. Increases solar panel efficiency

A green rooftop decreases the temperature on the rooftop. On account of this cooler rooftop, the productivity of sun powered boards is higher thus you diminish your absolute energy costs. – Green Rooftops Benefits

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