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What is Slate Roofs and Its Advantages and Disadvantages of 2022

What is Slate Roofs and Its Advantages and Disadvantages of 2022


    What is Slate Roofs?

    Slate Roofs: This type of roofs materials won't burn easily, it is waterproof and resists mold and fungus. The material is very heavy in weight and but it can easily break by stepped on.

    Today also many old homes around the city uses Slate Roofs on their home rooftops, Because its longest lasting shingles, prized for its beauty, durability, and longevity.

    There is Mainly three type of Slate Roof: Standard, Patterned, Random Width, Multicolored, Graduated Length, Textural and Hang-down Slate Roofs.

    Type of Slate Roofs

    Below are the type of Slate Tiles Roofs:

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    Best Type of Slate Roofing

    1) Standard Slate Roofs

    Standard roofs are laid in uniformly spaced horizontal courses with alternating vertical joints carefully aligned. It can comprised of 1/4″ – 3/8″ slate of one standard length and width and with square cut butts.

    2) Random Width Slate Material Roofs

    Random Width Slate Roofs, These type of Roofs are laid in courses to provide adequate joint offset, while not maintaining joint alignment. It share the attributes of a standard slate installation, but employ slates of one length and thickness in a variety of widths.

    3) Textural Slate Materials Roofs

    Textural Slate Roofs, Mainly in these type of roofs People uses the slates of rougher surface textures and thicknesses. Mixed it together to give different Texture to the rooftops. he strategy for establishment leaves records of changing thicknesses lying nearby one another, making a harsher slashed appearance. As the records are harsher and thicker, it is regular for textural record butt corners to be haphazardly absent to adequate measurements.

    4) Multicolored Slate Materials Roofs

    Multicolored Slate Roofs, These Type of Roofs It is blend mixtures of various colors together to create a multicolored slate roof, which give new attractive look to the Rooftops of House and building. Although for a uniform size record rooftop, colorful record rooftops are most ordinarily accomplished utilizing an arbitrary width establishment.

    5) Patterned Slate Materials Roofs

    Patterned Slate Roofing, these type roofs patterns are most frequently incorporated into standard slate roofs. Accents may include, floral and geometric patterns, dates, words, or names. In this type of slate roofs different colors or shapes in a specific design, individual accents or banding can be created as part of the design characteristic of a slate roof.

    6) Hang-down Slate Materials Roofs

    Hang-down Slate Roofs, This is different type of architectural variation of a basic slate roofs but here longer slate used in roofing. Where their head laid of slate is towards the down of roofing which give hang down slate roofing structure.

    7) Graduated Length Slate Materials Roofs

    Graduated Length Slate Roofing, In this type of Slate Roofs, there is different kind of lengths and widths on a roof came from the days, Because some quarries produced slate on an “as available” basis rather than in any specified lengths and widths. The ordinary openness of every length was kept up, diminishing from the eave to the highest point of the rooftop.

    Advantages and Disadvantages of Slate Roofs

    So below are some advantages and disadvantages of Slate material Roofs:

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    Advantages and Disadvantages of Slate Roofs

    Advantages of Slate Material Roofs

    • It has beautiful Appearance for your Home Rooftops.
    • 100% Natural Stone Materials.
    • It have naturally cleft surface.
    • Variation of Color available.
    • Good Durability
    • Hard Slate Durability is upto 200 Years and for Soft Slate Durability is upto 150 Years.
    • Fireproof
    • Environment Friendly.
    • Recycled Materials
    • Cost of Installation nearly $9 to $16 per Square foot.
    • Waterproof

    Disadvantages of Slate Material Roofs

    • Expensive Installation
    • Technically Expert Employee Needed
    • Different in Thickness
    • Heavyweight ( 800 to 1500 pounds )
    • Can be Damage easily
    • Difficult to find Replacement.
    • Due to natural stone, Variation of Color and patches is their in Tiles.

    So above are the Types, Advantages and Disadvantages of Slate Material Roofs.

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