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How “Bad Gutters” Can Cause Your Home To Fall Apart

"Bad Gutters"When your home has bad gutters it causes much destruction from cracks in the walls, to leaks in the ceiling, basement and a cracked foundation. Most people don’t normally check for clogged gutters unless they were to have a roof installed.

Gutters are the most important exterior part of the home to keep it in top shape. Homeowners wonder why they need a new roof when their existing roof is only seven years old, or why their foundation is cracked. It’s due from bad gutters that have not been protected with gutter guards keeping out the debris and twigs.

When your gutters get clogged, the rain or snow has nowhere to go but up on the roof or down the side of the house seeping into the interior walls and foundation causing damage. Bad gutters start sagging or pull away from the fascia board caused from to much snow weighing down the gutter.

When the gutters are not protected with gutter guards, they take a lot of wear and tear from trees, animal feces, snow, ice and rain. When you have a solid guttering system, the rain water and melted snow will run through the gutter in to the downspout out onto the ground running away from your home.

Without the gutter guard protection, your gutters will eventually cause damage costing you thousands of dollars in repairs that could have been prevented. Your health is also at risk because mold and mildew form on the ceiling and walls causing allergies and other respiratory illnesses.

When the gutters are clogged with debris in the hot weather it’s risky for a fire and you could lose everything you worked for, precious memories that can not be replaced, the life of yourself or a loved family member or your pets. You’ve probably had your gutters cleaned or had them replaced, but without gutter guards they’re facing the problem of getting clogged especially if you live where there’s lots of trees.

Another problem from the wet basement, walls, ceiling or foundation is the dampness that can cause termite destruction. They thrive on wood and chew it up from your window frames, crawl space, trim areas and can literally destroy a house.

Bad gutters lead to destruction that can cause your home to fall apart. Most of use don’t think about our gutters when we’re doing repairs to our home, but if you try to think about the damage they cause, then you won’t spend so much money repairing the problems your gutters are causing.  Go to  for a Free Estimate.


Why Gutter Guard Protection Is Important For A Safe Home 

"Gutter Guard ProtectionCleaning your gutters once a year isn’t enough to protect them if you don’t have gutter guards. Leaves fall by the scores during the autumn season in the Eastern and Midwest climates. The leaves can fill your gutters in one day making it impossible for rain water to travel to the downspouts out to the ground away from your home.

Since the water has nowhere to go, it runs down the side of your home causing leaks to your ceiling and walls and can lead to a cracked foundation costing the homeowner thousands of dollars in repairs that could have been avoided.

When snow hits, it puts tremendous weight on the gutters causing them to sag and pull away from the fascia board. The snow alone will destroy them without protection. Gutter protection will keep most of the debris and twigs out as well as the snow and ice.

There was an incident in Ohio where a single lady bought an older home that was remodeled and totally updated. She called a handyman to clean her gutters and she took his word for it because she didn’t want to climb the ladder to check his work and he knew she wouldn’t.

The gutters were fine but they weren’t protected so they were clogged up and the water from rain, melted ice and snow had nowhere to go. She had some damage to her ceiling and her basement was damp.

Her son came into town and checked her gutters and told her she need something to filter out the debris so the water would not damage her home. She called a specialist, they came out and inspected her gutters and told her about gutter protection. She had them do the work and her gutters didn’t give her any problem after that.

She was lucky with minimal damage and had her basement dried out and her ceiling fixed. She learned her lesson not to call a handyman to do a job that’s meant for the professionals. The specialist explained the difference in gutter guards and how they’re not all the same.

She had a top quality gutter guard system installed with a lifetime warranty including annual gutter cleaning. She learned that not all gutter systems are created equal and protection is important for a safe home. If she would have waited and ignored her gutter problem, she would probably be facing a few thousand dollars in home repair bills.


How To Know If You Need To Replace Your Guttering System 

"Guttering System"If your gutters are sagging, cracked or pulled away from the fascia board, then you need to replace your guttering system. A specialist can check your gutters for these problems and tell you if they need to be replaced. Most homeowners don’t check their gutters but some will pay a handyman to clean them out periodically.

If you notice any cracks in your walls, stains from water on the ceiling, a wet basement or cracked foundation, then you definitely need new gutters. Most People don’t realize that their gutters need to be protected with gutter guards to keep them from clogging up. It filters out the debris and twigs and keeps the snow and ice from forming.

The snow and ice puts a lot of weight on them which leads to sagging or cracked gutters and it also causes them to pull away from the fascia board. So rather you have a new or old guttering system, they need protection. The gutters on your home are the most important part of its structure keeping water from destruction.

Also, termites play a role in water damage and can destroy a house very quickly. They totally destroy window frames, foundations, any trim on your house and any other wood exterior. Smart homeowners will have their gutters checked yearly with a gutter clean and have their gutters protected by gutter guards and a termite inspection every few years. Termite inspections are reasonably priced and can save you in enormous repairs.

A gentleman in Indiana saw that his window frames were almost gone, so he had his house inspected for termites. There were termites throughout his attic that destroyed most of it and the foundation was wrecked. He had major water damage in his ceiling and floor. He put repairs off for awhile while termites found damp areas to feast on. The repair cost was twenty five percent of what his house was worth.

Ignoring your guttering system and damp or wet walls, ceilings and basements will cost you your home. That’s a sure sign that you need to replace your guttering system. Homeowners don’t think about something as small as gutters because they’re hard to see. They’re attached to a fascia board behind the overhang so the water can run through them into the downspout onto the ground away from your house.

There’s no reason to let something seem so small end up being a big thing when your house depends on them for safety. Gutter guards will protect your gutters keeping your house in tip-top shape and you’ll feel safer and healthier with a nice dry home.


Why Homeowners Don’t Think About Bad Gutters Being A Hazard 

"Bad Gutters"Homeowners don’t think about bad gutters being a hazard to their home. They get clogged up with twigs and debris that can start a fire burning your house to the ground. The homeowner loses everything including precious memories that can not be replaced.

Gutters need protection to keep this from happening among causing damage to your house such as cracked walls and a cracked foundation, mildew and mold and a sagging damp ceiling. The reason homeowners don’t think about bad gutters being a hazard is because gutters are invisible unless you climb a ladder to the roof where you can see them.

The overhang hides them and unless you have knowledge in home improvements or construction you would not think about the importance of your gutters. Some people have them cleaned once a year but it doesn’t solve the problem unless they’re protected with gutter guards.

When the autumn leaves fall, it fills your gutters very quickly causing them to clog so when it rains and the snow and ice melts, the water has nowhere to go except back up on the roof and down the side of the house seeping into the walls, ceiling and foundation or basement causing damage that costs thousands of dollars in repairs.

The more homeowners realize that their gutters are one of the most important parts of the exterior structure, the safer they’ll be. Bad gutters are hazardous because they can cause a fire from the debris buildup destroying your home, taking your life and causing other illnesses from mildew and mold from leaks.

Your gutters need to be checked periodically to make sure they’re not pulled away from the fascia board, cracked or sagging. If they are, you need a new guttering system. All gutters new and old need gutter guard protection to filter out the debris and to keep the snow, ice and rain from collecting in the gutter with an exit path.

Maybe you’ve been to grandma’s house and you notice cracks in the walls, a musty basement or the whole house smells musty and the ceiling is usually stained from water leakage. You see black spots on the ceiling and in the attic which is mold.

Mold can be a hazard to your health if not treated. Some mold is not harmful but if it’s very bad it can make you deathly sick. You’ve heard the saying the house is just settling, but that is just a myth.

The problem is the gutters are clogged or cracked and the water is seeping inside the house causing these problems. Only gutter guards can protect them from clogging so this won’t happen to your house.


How Clogged Up Gutters Can Cause Your House To Go Up In Smoke

"Clogged Gutters"Not many homeowners think their house could catch on fire, much less what they can do to prevent such a disaster. Most house fires could’ve been prevented if the homeowners were educated on how to keep their home safe.

Some fires are caused by faulty electrical or the negligence of the homeowner with extension cords or pets chewing on wires causing them to fray. A few house fires were caused by dryer vent clogging of lint that could’ve been prevented by a thorough cleaner of the vent which you can do yourself with a ten dollar long handled brush available at your local hardware store.

There were a few fires caused by neighborhood fireworks landing in the gutters creating the fire. Most fires are caused from clogged up gutters with debris and twigs in the hot weather especially if it hasn’t rained in awhile.

This is preventable with annual gutter cleanings and a check of your gutters structure and most important gutter guards that protect your gutters by keeping out the debris and twigs. In the cold weather with snow and ice, it builds up in the gutters causing too much weight that creates sagging, cracks and gutter shifting away from the fascia board. The safety of you and your family is dependent on a solid guttering system.

A family from Ohio arrived home from an Independence Day picnic just to see their house half burned up. They had no idea what could’ve caused the fire, so when the house was inspected by the insurance adjustors; they found that the fire started in the gutters. The gutters were clogged up so bad they were overflowing with twigs, leaves and other debris.

There was little rain during the summer and they were in a drought which was dangerous for fires. The family had homeowners insurance and the house was remodeled, but they lost important things that meant a lot to them that could never be replaced.

Had the family been home, they could’ve possibly lost their lives because their smoke detectors did not work.  When the gutter specialist installed the guttering system, he explained to the owners how important it was to have gutter guards to protect this from ever happening again.

He made them aware of the dangers of clogged gutters and how this could’ve been prevented. Their clogged up gutters caused their house to go up in smoke and it turned their lives upside down. This family learned a hard lesson and they’re more conscious of their gutters than ever before.

So beware; it can happen to you if you’re not protecting your gutters with gutter guards or ignoring any other fire hazard that can wipe away your life in a blink.