Latest Type of Eaves on a house, Uses and Its benefits of 2022

What is House Eaves Roofs or Eaves on a house?

Latest Type of Eaves on a house, Uses and Its benefits of 2021: An Eaves is the edge of the roof, That is why it is called House Eaves Roofs or Eaves on a House roofs. Eaves are projected beyond the side of building which is used as to throw rain water clear of the walls and also as highly decorated as a part of an architectural style, like Chinese dougong bracket systems.

The Famous architect John Milnes Baker defines eaves on a house as: “the lower edge of a roof which projects beyond the face of the wall.”

On a Domestic Home, Eaves referred the combination of Fascia and Soffit which is overhang on the edges of roof. Fascia mainly closes the gap between the roof and walls. Soffits fit under the sash (Fascia) board, at a 90-degree point to the dividers, to close the hole between the Fascia and the wall.

The Word eave comes from old English efes, Which means “Edges” or “Border“. Which is misspelled as “eve” or “eeve” as in “house eve” or “eve of house”. In German, its is known as “Traufe“. In Italy, It is called “Gronda“. In Spanish, It is Known as “alero“. In Portugal, Eaves on a house is called as “cornija“. Where in Japan Eaves Roofs is known as “hisashi“. and In India Eaves is called as ” Kanganee ” or “Chazza“.

In our old architectural Monument, Eaves play very important roles It is used as Decorative pat of outside the Building and also used to throw rain water from the roof of the building so water cannot store onto the roof of the building. It is also used by Bird for building their nest. We have seen in our house that on the holes near to the Eaves Bird built their nest.

Type of Eaves on a house

So below are the Three Type of Eaves on a House or Eaves Roofs:

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Roofs Eaves or Eaves on a house
  1. Closed Eave: Which is very little and their is no overhang.
  2. Open Eave: It has a pronounced overhang, often revealing projecting roof beams or brackets.
  3. Box Eave: This Type of Eaves is enclosed with a soffit.

Uses and Benefits of Eaves on a House

Below are the some uses and its Benefits of Eaves on a house roofs:

Roof Eaves, Eaves of House, Eaves on a house, Eaves on house
Benefits and uses of Eaves on house or Eaves of House
  • It can protect the siding and foundation of a structure of the house.
  • It throw the snow and Rain Water from the roof away from the siding, to the ground.
  • In warm Climate, A wide Eaves which is Properly positioned can provide a sunshade for interior spaces of house.
  • As Shaded Window in Eaves help to keep your house cool in a Summer Climate, Which Indirectly reduces need for artificial cooling and turn to improves the energy efficiency of your home.
  • In Rainy Climate, A wide Extended Eaves provide shelter from the Rainy weather.
  • Now a Days, Eaves is also used as unobtrusive location for security cameras and light as you have seen on the house and building by walking on the street.

Design of Eaves Roofs

The Design Influenced by the American Tradition, which has Extreme wide eaves on a house roofs with decorative brackets technically which is called as “Modillons“.

At the peaks the roof may reach out past the peak end divider by projecting the purlins and are normally covered off by bargeboards to ensure the divider and the purlin closes.

Eaves Roof should be Designed for nearby wind speeds as the shade can altogether build the breeze stacking on the rooftop.

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