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🥇 How Clogged Up Gutters Can Cause Your House To Go Up In Smoke | A-1 Roofing Now

How Clogged Up Gutters Can Cause Your House To Go Up In Smoke

Not many homeowners think their house could catch on fire, much less what they can do to prevent such a disaster. Most house fires could’ve been prevented if the homeowners were educated on how to keep their home safe.

Some fires are caused by faulty electrical or the negligence of the homeowner with extension cords or pets chewing on wires causing them to fray. A few house fires were caused by dryer vent clogging of lint that could’ve been prevented by a thorough cleaner of the vent which you can do yourself with a ten dollar long handled brush available at your local hardware store.

There were a few fires caused by neighborhood fireworks landing in the gutters creating the fire. Most fires are caused from clogged up gutters with debris and twigs in the hot weather especially if it hasn’t rained in awhile.

This is preventable with annual gutter cleanings and a check of your gutters structure and most important gutter guards that protect your gutters by keeping out the debris and twigs. In the cold weather with snow and ice, it builds up in the gutters causing too much weight that creates sagging, cracks and gutter shifting away from the fascia board. The safety of you and your family is dependent on a solid guttering system.

A family from Ohio arrived home from an Independence Day picnic just to see their house half burned up. They had no idea what could’ve caused the fire, so when the house was inspected by the insurance adjustors; they found that the fire started in the gutters. The gutters were clogged up so bad they were overflowing with twigs, leaves and other debris.

There was little rain during the summer and they were in a drought which was dangerous for fires. The family had homeowners insurance and the house was remodeled, but they lost important things that meant a lot to them that could never be replaced.

Had the family been home, they could’ve possibly lost their lives because their smoke detectors did not work.  When the gutter specialist installed the guttering system, he explained to the owners how important it was to have gutter guards to protect this from ever happening again.

He made them aware of the dangers of clogged gutters and how this could’ve been prevented. Their clogged up gutters caused their house to go up in smoke and it turned their lives upside down. This family learned a hard lesson and they’re more conscious of their gutters than ever before. So beware; it can happen to you if you’re not protecting your gutters with gutter guards or ignoring any other fire hazard that can wipe away your life in a blink.

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