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🥇 How “Bad Gutters” Can Cause Your Home To Fall Apart | A-1 Roofing Now

How “Bad Gutters” Can Cause Your Home To Fall Apart

When your home has bad gutters it causes much destruction from cracks in the walls, to leaks in the ceiling, basement and a cracked foundation. Most people don’t normally check for clogged gutters unless they were to have a roof installed.

Gutters are the most important exterior part of the home to keep it in top shape. Homeowners wonder why they need a new roof when their existing roof is only seven years old, or why their foundation is cracked. It’s due from bad gutters that have not been protected with gutter guards keeping out the debris and twigs.
When your gutters get clogged, the rain or snow has nowhere to go but up on the roof or down the side of the house seeping into the interior walls and foundation causing damage. Bad gutters start sagging or pull away from the fascia board caused from to much snow weighing down the gutter.

When the gutters are not protected with gutter guards, they take a lot of wear and tear from trees, animal feces, snow, ice and rain. When you have a solid guttering system, the rain water and melted snow will run through the gutter in to the downspout out onto the ground running away from your home.

Without the gutter guard protection, your gutters will eventually cause damage costing you thousands of dollars in repairs that could have been prevented. Your health is also at risk because mold and mildew form on the ceiling and walls causing allergies and other respiratory illnesses.

When the gutters are clogged with debris in the hot weather it’s risky for a fire and you could lose everything you worked for, precious memories that can not be replaced, the life of yourself or a loved family member or your pets. You’ve probably had your gutters cleaned or had them replaced, but without gutter guards they’re facing the problem of getting clogged especially if you live where there’s lots of trees.

Another problem from the wet basement, walls, ceiling or foundation is the dampness that can cause termite destruction. They thrive on wood and chew it up from your window frames, crawl space, trim areas and can literally destroy a house.

Bad gutters lead to destruction that can cause your home to fall apart. Most of use don’t think about our gutters when we’re doing repairs to our home, but if you try to think about the damage they cause, then you won’t spend so much money repairing the problems your gutters are causing.

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