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WE STOP Leaky Roofs Fast!

WE STOP Leaky Roofs Fast!

Wind , Hail, or Storm We are the Best, and Have 0ver 10,000 Happy and Satisfied Home Owners to Prove it!

Whether you’re just suffering from a few falls or you have a prospective overflow on your hands, a leaking roof is always a serious issue. Not like the other types of damage that might happen around the house, a dripping roof can and will distribute. This can lead to many other problems, from the loss of balance in your house or building’s framework to the possibility development of pattern.

The immediate that you see there is a flow of any kind in your house, it is important to find help from a professional group with knowledge and ability. Our urgent service group can be on their way to your house the immediate an issue occurs. Before we even start to work on the maintenance that you need for your house, we will use tarps and other components to make sure the flow causes no more damage to either your house or on home.

For the tiniest maintenance and tasks that need to be done, we can usually fulfill property owners within 24 hours to take care of the issue and to take care of it instantly. For bigger problems, we will do our best to minimize the possibility damage to your property and will come up with a plan that will make sure the issue is settled on a regular basis, and without resulting in further problems for you, your family, or your business.

You can contact us anytime, 24/7, and we will get to you fast to stop leaky roofs fast. We Stop Leaky Roofs Fast for FREE!


Call Now and Ask Us How?

Roof Repair

Regular roof servicing is necessary to avoid leaking and early roof alternative. Fast Roofing’s full-service fix division staff has more than 20 years experience identifying and solving roof structure leaking. Whether it is an average fix, aesthetic issue or a servicing issue, we have the solution.

Our standard fix program includes:

  • Examining & fixing all roof penetrations
  • Thorough roof inspection
  • Changing wind broken roofing shingles (up to 1 bundle)
  • Examining & resealing all flashing
  • Examining for major damage from come, waste, etc.


Roof Maintenance

Frequent roof servicing is essential to the health of your property. As a result, we suggest a professional examination for personal & professional roof structure systems twice a year, or after serious weather/storm season.

Our fast Roofing provides personalized servicing providers based on the age, lifestyle span, situation and type of roof structure to help alleviate problems with leaking and early roof alternative. In most cases, we can increase the lifestyle of a current roof through proper servicing and innovative roof structure technology.

All of our roof servicing provides include the following:

  • Research of the top condition
  • Specific review of deficiencies
  • Inspection summary
  • Digital analysis
  • Suggested repairs
  • Roof assurance details
  • Approximated costs


Storm Damage Roof Repair

There is more to surprise damage maintenance than just solving a roof. It is about coming back your house to its condition prior to the surprise. That is why quick roof structure starts with an extensive 50-point examination of your roof and residential to examine and record the destruction left behind by the surprise. Equipped with this information, we will then work straight with your insurance plan provider to ensure that your house is fixed quickly and in its whole.

As your chosen specialist, quick roof structure will plan and handle the entire roof maintenance related to the surprise damage to make sure that everything is finished properly, on efforts and within budget. We will save you the frustration, as well as time, of finding and handling several specialists and companies that are involved with your house maintenance. By mixing all of the maintenance into a single bill, we can also assist with removing setbacks and variance with your insurance plan provider.

Storm damage impacts more than just rooftops. Fast roofing’s surprise damage fix services also include:

  • Barrier Replacement
  • Window Replacement
  • Ligament Replacement
  • House siding Replacement
  • Sheetrock Repair & Painting
  • HVAC Repair



Generally, it’s fairly easy to tell if the home needs surprise damage fix due to great gusts of breeze. Roof structure components are easily ripped off when breeze rates of speed are great or attack at just the right position. While some bulkier components, like floor rooftops, are less likely to be offered off, all of them have the possibility. When you have losing components after a surprise, it’s important to contact right away for roof fix or alternative. Without a roof examination, it will be difficult to know if the destruction was done to the padding or timber outdoor patio when the secure was ripped out. And the longer the components beneath are subjected, the higher perspective you have for catastrophe.

High gusts of breeze also turn divisions, divisions, and other things into projectiles that can throw against or pierce home. Storm damage fix can protect the flow long enough for us to examine the destruction provide you with options and allow you to make a cautious decision.

Less common, dirt can be offered onto the sticky pieces of blend shingles rooftops that avoid it from remaining in place or being delivered when a shingles is offered off. In this case, surprise damage fix can either substitute the sticky remove or the shingles. Contact us now as We STOP Roofs from Wind Damage Fast!


No matter the size of the rocks, come can make big problems for roofs. The rate and position at which they attack can make even small hailstones dangerous. Floor roofs are common in our area; and although they are challenging, they are not a defense to damage. Surprise damage fix may be needed in your flooring are broken due to come because the breaks may be enabling water to run through a broken padding into your timber outdoor patio. Tiles can also be broken reduce and blinking can be broken. While many of these problems may not seem like they would require urgent roof fix, it’s important that leaking can drop into your basement space for months without being observed.

Cedar trembles roofs, like tile, also experience damage from come. Our storm damage fix group can substitute broken drinks quickly to recover the protection of your roof. Shakes that are hand-split have a difference to look at, so finding an ideal coordinate isn’t necessary. But machine-split stocks are consistent. We find the best coordinate available. If it isn’t ideal, we take good drinks from less noticeable sections of your roof and substitute the broken drinks with them. The near suits are then used in those less seen places.

A beating come storm can defeat away the safety nutrient granules that cover your roofing shingles and secure them from the sun’s UV radiation. After bad weather, your roof may be full of small hairless areas. Without the protection, the sun will damage them and cause them to become weak. With storm damage fix, we can substitute the loss roofing shingles before they have the probability to decline and flow. Call us now as We STOP Roofs from Hail Damage Fast!


Service Guarantee

When you deal with our roof repairer, you will stay a respected client for life. We know that our client’s fulfillment is what allows our company to carry on increasing and as such, you will be impressed by our attention to details with every washing job we bring out for you. You know that the job will be done right initially whenever.

Jay Walker

Senior Estimator


2 Things To Decide Before Choosing The Best Roofing Materials for Your Home!

2 Things To Decide Before Choosing The Best Roofing Materials for Your Home!

Roofing is the most important part of your home design and structural unit.

As it expresses the beauty of your home, it also holds the structural integrity of your home.

Hence two very important facts are to take care of while preparing the roofing work of the home.

First thing is all about your personality and how you want to match the theme of the roof design of your home.

Second important thing is the material you choose for the very important structural unit of your home.

The market is full of inferior roofing products. people in the roofing industry are trying to sell their roofing material with different variables, and you really need to take heed and read if they are giving you a warranty, which implies by the term, that there are hidden clauses, by definition, may not be to your advantage.

Choosing the best design and best material, is not so easy for everyone. In this article I will try paint it with special color to make the best roofing choice for your home in a easy way.

First of all let me talk about the right shingles. You can get confused very easily, while you are in the market for shingles, because of their market variety, and the price range.

What I want to say to you, is how to choose the best roofing material, with most affordable price. Let’s find out the one’s with lightweight, strong, waterproof shingles.

The most reliable shingles, in my suggestion, is asphalt.

Now, the question is, why I recommend, a certain type of shingle for your home roofing because in reality, Its simple, asphalt are very durable, lightweight and waterproof to.

So to conclude, asphalt is good enough to hold your roof for the length of the structure of the home, if you pick the right one. The right granule, manufacturer, base, asphalt content, and written GUARANTEE, NOT WARRANTY, Guarantee’s have No Hidden Disclosures, Warranty’s always have hidden disclaimers. When was the last time you sat down and read the full warranty paper on anything that you have bought?

Now we come to the beauty part of your home.

Asphalt is available in a wide range of design and style.

There has been lots of work done to develop mind blowing color theme’s for roofing style’s with asphalt.

Now, according to your roof size, and attributes, you might need a little bit heavier weight materials, for your roof.

In my opinion, slates and tiles are the best option, in this case. But, are extremely expensive, and that is why 97% of the time, we recommend an architectural, or dimensional style roof, for appearance and durability. They are heavier than asphalt. But do you really need a 200 year roof ?

There are lot more natural stone available in the market. Some of them would be too heavy to you roof.

Slates are the light weight stone among all other natural stone. The most important fact about the roof is the roofing materials moister absorption ability. The best roofing material will always keep the moister away from the roof.

That means you need zero moister absorbable material for your home roof. Slates have been used by people for long time as a zero moister roofing material.

So as you can see by using the asphalt we recommend you are getting the best of 2 worlds. Appearance and Quality so you will never have to roof your home again, because of our life of the structure guarantee.

T.C. Beringer                                               Juy 17, 2007


Roofing Options: Choose the Best Roof Material for your Home

Roofing Options: Choose the Best Roof Material for your Home

Throughout history, men have used a wide variety of roofing materials to cover their homes. There are a few factors that homeowners need to consider before shopping for roofing materials, including geographical location, climate, desire look, installation costs, and maintenance needs. By carefully selecting your home’s roofing material, you can reduce replacement cost, use less building material, and put lesser demand on resources. Consult your Massillon, Canton, or Akron, Stark or Summit County A-1 Roofing Contractorfor the best roofing material, that fits your home.

Slate roofs

Known as the best stone roofing material, slate roofs are popular for their durability, elegance and high costs. Just like concrete tiles and clay, slate is a heavy material and you need a home that is able to support its weight. Slate roofs are non-leaching and definitely last for centuries. It is also easier to recycle and repair. Because of its dark color, slate isn’t recommended for homes in sunny, warm climates. Slate roofs are usually available in red, green, purple, gray, and black colors.

Clay-tiled roofs

Clay roof tiles are heavy and require additional framing, but are durable and non-combustible. They are usually available in cool colors, lighter hues, which reflect more than 50 percent of the sun’s heat. Bug-resistant, fire-resistant, and beautiful, clay tiles are able to last for more than a century. You can find clay tiles in many houses in California and in the Southwest.

Wood shakes

Because of their differences in color, thickness, cut of wood, and width, wood shakes offer a unique design for your home. This roofing material insulates the attic and allows air to circulate inside the house. Wood roofing material is famous for its natural beauty, giving a rustic impression for most homes. It is currently sold in three categories—Category 1 features the best quality. To ensure safety, wood shakes often require fire-resistance treatments from time to time.

Metal roofs

There are different types of metal roofs these days, including stainless steel, aluminum, and copper. They provide solar reflectance, durability, and often last longer than asphalt or wood. Metal roofing shingles are lighter compared to other roof materials and are resistant to extreme, adverse weather.


The Number one to install, Better Guarantee, better Price , Best Guarantee all the way around. Your best safest bet always!


How To Find The Best Stark & Summit County Roofing Contractor in Ohio!


How To Find The Best Stark & Summit County Roofing Contractor in Ohio!

Roofing contractors in Stark & Summit Counties are professionally trained to offer you the best roofing services and that too at economical rates. This place is filled with several professional roofing contractors however finding the best roofing contractors Stark & Summit Counties Roofing Contractor is quite difficult. You just need to get in touch with the right Stark & Summit Counties Roofing Contractor for resolving your roofing issues. In this article, we are going to talk about how to find the best Stark & Summit Counties Roofing Contractor. All you need to do is to pay proper attention towards the below mentioned points.

The professional Stark & Summit Counties Roofing Contractors will help you in making the right choice when it comes to replacing your roof. These individuals will offer you the right amount of professional guidance in this field. The professional expertise that these people have will help you in generating the best possible results. In order to find the right Stark & Summit Counties Roofing Contractors you need to follow a lot of important steps and tips. Roofing maintenance can be very expensive and this is the reason why you should find a suitable professional. The first thing that you need to do is to check out the different price quotes proffered by them. Additionally, it’s extremely important to acquire the reliable and proficient information from them in regard to the repair of your roof. Before arriving at a final decision, you need to check out at the price quotes of different contractors. Installation of the roof should be done in the best possible way and therefore you need to hire professional contractors. A Stark or Summit Counties Roofing Contractor will get the right quality roofing material for your home so that your roof serves you for a long period of time. You need to seek professional suggestions from the roofing contractors so that you are able to secure your home and stay safe. So, these are some of the most important points to note regarding how to find the best Stark & Summit Counties Roofing Contractor.


Internet is a great place to look for some key information regarding roofing contractors. You can compare different rates and decide upon the right professional for this job. We all are aware of the fact that roofing services such as roof maintenance, roof top evaluation and waterproofing are quite difficult to handle. This is the reason why you should appoint a complete professional who can handle such complex issues. You need to be very specific and clear in this regard no matter what it takes.


We are certified and have an A+ Rating with the BBB and have for over 47 Years.


Successfully installed over 10,000 roofs


T.C.                                                          July 17 . 2013


Three Best Roofing Materials, For Safest Home Roof . . .

Three Best Roofing Materials, For Safest Home Roof . . .

The roof top is one of the most vital elements of a house.

Ceiling or roofing structure is regarded as the first line of safety against severe circumstances and a roofing system that can impact the property’s value, quality, and overall look.

Thus, it is important to consider plenty of things, when selecting new roofing elements, for your desired home. Advantages, have been a large range of roofing systems that you can choose from. Some of the choices include from the conventional wooden, road, fashionable concrete, and to eco-friendly silicone roofing content.

An asphalt roof, is one of the most used of rooftops, among American homes. It also performs for a large range of roofing designs and might be the perfect top for the home.

This type roofing shingle, usually gets prices from $1 to $4 per sq. ft. The costs would usually rely on the kind of home. Of course, there are plenty of advantages when using this roofing shingle for your own home.

One of which, is this asphalt roofing shingle, are more affordable, than the other kinds, and can be easily fixed.

It also performs well, on a large range of roofing designs, and created with different colors, perspective absolute depths, and forms. This kind of roof top has the capability to avoid the effects of sunshine and other weather issues such as hail, and wind.

The second kind of roofing, is the silicone roofing. It is best used when you are looking for a content that is leak-proof and eco-friendly. In comparison to conventional roofing elements, silicone roofing is stronger, cost-effective, and it is created form reusable elements. Plus, it has low servicing, and is lightweight, and versatile. There are two main kinds of silicone roofing such as whole and shingled. Whole rooftops can be set up by the rectangle, which it can cover up to 100 sq. ft. It can also be custom-made to fit your particular home design and structure. Although they are expensive, silicone roofing, gives the advantage, of being leak-proof and smooth.

The shingled top kind is created from an artificial content. This kind of roofing is lightweight, portable, can be formed using an application blade, and can be set up with a claw gun or mastic. However, keep in mind that setting up shingled rooftops still requires the skills of professional roofing.

The third kind of roofing is the tiling. It is regarded the most popular roofing content in the world.

Similar to the other kinds mentioned, tiling roof provides immunity against fire and longevity. In fact, it can last for over 100 years.

It also has the advantage of enhanced air flow and comes with large range of forms, styles, designs, and colors.

So in the final analysis , we can see, that Asphalt architectural roofing is the best choice overall!

T.C. Beringer ” Roofer Extraordinaire ”

P.S. Shy too!

330-327-8787 24/7 ask for Jay

May 13, 2007


” When Hail Hits Aluminum”

” When Hail Hits Aluminum”

A-1 Roofing & Siding Inc.

General and Hail Damage Contractor of Ohio

– Roofing, Siding, Gutters, More

Click Here for 2016 Storm Reports for Ohio


When hailstones strike aluminum siding, it can create what is called cosmetic hail damage.

Hail can also put cracks in vinyl siding, that may not show up, for months or years, until it is too late, to turn into insurance for replacement. You should always look closely AT YOUR SIDING AFTER A SEVERE STORM JUST TO BE SURE.


Depending on the size of the hailstones, the strength of the winds and other factors, the damage may consist of obvious deep impressions or more subtle dents, only visible in certain light. Under this certain light (when the sun reflects upon your house at a certain angle) a house that looks normal can suddenly look ravaged.


Hailstones can also cause damage to different types of roofing systems. Hail can damage a cedar roof by causing small splits in the wood shingles. This can greatly diminish the life of the roofing structure. Asphalt roofing can get what are often called “bruising marks.” These marks can lead to problems in the future if left not repaired.


If you have seen A1 Roofing signs in your area or you have received a flyer or letter from us and you own a home with aluminum siding, or cedar or asphalt roofing, we recommend that you call us right away to schedule a free hail damage inspection. 330-327-8787


During the free hail damage assessment, a representative from JP will thoroughly inspect your siding and or roof. Assuming you qualify, we will then sit down with you and go over everything that you need to know.

We will discuss the potential scope of work and we will show you the many colors and styles of siding and roofing that we offer. We will explain to you how the process works, what the general time frame for the project will be and we will answer all of your questions. Call us now to schedule your free inspection and begin the process for yourself of obtaining cost-free, brand new siding and/or roofing for your home. As with all insurance claims, there is only a certain amount of time that you have to act. Therefore, we urge you to call us now!


REMEMBER: You don’t want to get left behind and you don’t want to receive an unfair decision. Therefore, we recommend that you call us BEFORE you call your insurance company and that you call us right away! IMPORTANT: Not repairing damage may lead to future problems of the functionality of your exterior systems. Secondary damages caused by not repairing the primary damages may not be covered.

Prevent Your Homeowner Roof or Siding . . . Claim From Getting Denied!

Prevent Your Homeowner Roof or Siding . . . Claim From Getting Denied!

By Jay Walker  |   Submitted On August 17, 2013

There are times when it may seem that your homeowners insurance company is not handling your claim properly. You may think that your claims adjustor is investigating your claim in a biased manner. It may appear that your insurance company made their decision about your claim before your home was ever even inspected. Well, the sad truth is that you might be right. Most of the time you are.

Insurance companies are in business. They are in business to make money, and increase profits. Paying claims does not help with increasing profits. If paying claims threatens an insurance company’s business viability, they may start handling claims with bias  which means that  they are stacking the deck against you.

One way they do that, is t they divert your attention away from the real problem. Such, as they may say, that you do not have any damage to your roof or siding but, they come back with I saw a little damage on your awnings, or gutters, and they say that they will get those up to snuff for you, so as not to alienate you from their company, and that makes you think that they are nice people , which totally took you away, from the real problem, which would have cost them, ten times more, thus costing you, and saving them thousands.

They are great with slight of hand, just like magicians, as it is an allusion, that they were really helping you at all!

Some homeowners have had terrible experiences with their legitimate homeowners claim. They are treated rudely from the very beginning of the claims process, as soon as they submit their claim. They may be made to feel as if they are somehow doing something wrong. The tone of the insurance claims receptionist can be far from polite, to say the least. ( Remember your agent loses some of his bonus at the end of the year if he has too many claims)

And then the adjustor calls you and asks you several questions, giving little or no response to your answers. His questions may seem to be leading or insinuating. He may try to verbally bully you and you may feel as if you are being interrogated.

Next, the adjustor inspects for the damages. But, first, an appointment for the inspection must be set. Sometimes, the adjustor will go out of his way to “fake you out” about the time frame of the inspection. He may tell you one time while planning to be there earlier. Or he may try to schedule an appointment with you for the same day that he first contacts you, claiming that he can’t do it any other time or stressing how “busy” he is.

This is all an effort to inspect for the damages while no one is present, or catching you, the homeowner, off guard. The inspection itself may seem like little more than a dog and pony show with the adjustor obviously simply going through the motions and performing a less than thorough inspection.

During the inspection, the adjustor, who once was so inquisitive about your claim over the phone, suddenly doesn’t have any questions for you. He wants to know as little as possible about your damage situation and if he asks you questions, it may only be in an attempt to steer the focus from what actually matters bout your claim.

Questions like, “Why didn’t you report this claim sooner?” or “What is this OTHER damage from?” are among some of the common questions you might hear from an adjustor during a biased inspection. The only two things that truly matter about your homeowner claim is (1) if you have damage and (2) if that damaged is covered. Damage unrelated to your claim that you did not submit a claim for and the exact nature of your submitting of the claim are merely distractions.

Another strategy that insurance companies use is dragging the claims process out. They may voluntarily send several different inspectors before rendering a decision. This way, they can claim that they thoroughly inspected it and they can try to sell you on the idea that their decision is final. They try to ware you down over time with hopes that you will get so frustrated that you will simply give up.

Their final decision will either be a complete denial or something similar and though the insurance company may never have overtly broken the law, it would seem that the final decision regarding your claim was an inevitability, a foregone conclusion. And when this is the case, it is not fair, not right and, if nothing else, unethical.

As the homeowner, you are left with unrepaired damage and with what may seem like limited options at your disposal. In actuality, however, you can take your claim to the highest levels of the court systems. You can submit for re-inspections to your insurance company and make sure that you tell them that you do not pan on going away until you are satisfied that your claim has been handled and decided properly and fairly.

If your insurance company refuses to honer any more re-inspection requests, you can take your claim to appraisal. There may be a small upfront fee for this, but appraisal is a state mandated process where an agreement must be reached and is basically final.

Writing a letter to your insurance company can be powerful as well. You may not think that they will take your letter seriously, but a letter is a physical, verifiable piece of evidence. Send it certified and state your case concisely. Make sure you focus your letter on the transpirings of your claim (a documentation of how things occurred), and the damage that your house has suffered.

Don’t reference your neighbor’s claims or other unrelated items. Also, don’t concentrate much on the fact that you think you were treated rudely. Again, make your argument about the damage. The damage and whatever storm or other sudden event that caused it is what our claim decision should be based on.

Because of potential negative homeowner claims situations, it is recommended that you use an experienced restoration contractor. You may want to contact such a contractor before you submit your claim. This way, you can get educated about your situation and your damage and what it will take to repair the damage.

Plus, your restoration specialist can meet with your claims adjustor and provide an appropriate estimate for the repairs. Having a knowledgeable contractor on your side can make a huge difference in your final claim outcome. An insurance company may try to dupe you but probably not you and a qualified contractor that is familiar with the claims process.

[] is the National Insurance Restoration Contractors Listing. We bring together insurance restoration contractors and homeowners in need of their services.

If you are a homeowner that has sustained recent storm damage or you are a contractor that performs high quality insurance restoration work, may be of service to you.

Our blog may be helpful and informative to homeowners, contractors and everyday people. Visit this blog at

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